Make Sure Your Fireplace Has Enough Fuel

We'll provide a fireplace draft analysis and venting at your Charlotte, NC home

Fires use oxygen as fuel to stay lit. But if your fireplace isn't properly vented, it's hard to keep fires burning safely. Call Homefires today for a fireplace draft analysis. We'll come to your Charlotte, NC home and thoroughly inspect your fireplace venting. Once we're done, we'll give you suggestions on the next steps and our recommended services.

Keep your family safe with proper fireplace venting. Schedule our fireplace draft analysis today by calling (704) 376-9747.

Here's what we're looking for

A fireplace draft analysis considers several different things. We'll check the:

  • Opening of your fireplace
  • Size and height of the flue
  • Strength of the draft
Tired of fires that won't stay lit? Don't let draft issues stomp out your fire. Contact a member of our team today to reserve your draft analysis.