About Us

Since 1994, Homefires has set out to change the American fireplace market. From small beginnings, as a relatively obscure distributor for Real Flame based in London, Homefires has slowly grown into one of the most high tech and customizable specialty fireplace suppliers in North America. And while we are still the exclusive distributor for Real Flame, and delivering English imports is still our specialty. We have spent decades refining our offering, all the while gaining knowledge, so we can offer our clients a whole range of quality fireplace equipment.

Homefires is based at our Charlotte workshop, where it is owned and run by Alex Radmard who bought the business in June 2010. Together with our team, our job is to listen to the customer, assess the project's specifications, and use our knowledge to help them achieve what they want in their home or business.

To us, the most important aspect of what we do is quality. That means a product that is unmatched in appearance, functionality and price. That means, 20 years down the road, the night before Thanksgiving and you can't quite figure out something; when you call us, its more likely than not that we will answer. And as always, nearly everything sold by Homefires is handmade in England or America, and built to the highest design standard in the world. Our website covers everything we commonly deliver. Please contact us by any method to see how we can help you with your needs.