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In order to convert your existing fireplace or firegrate into a decorative gas coal fire, the following conditions are required:

The first and most important thing to know is all of our gas fired units must be VENTED. We do not offer any un-vented or direct-vent models, however we do carry electric inserts and ethanol inserts. If using gas, you must have an existing fireplace and working flue/chimney that is suitable for burning a wood fire. We recommend that you have the flue/chimney swept before installation. For safety & aesthetic reasons your fire must be vented properly, which is the sole responsibility of the customer.

These units can be installed by any certified plumber or mechanical contractor. We supply all the necessary embers, fittings, and installation instructions.
  • Please measure your fireplace carefully using the chart as a guide.

  • Compare your measurements with the firegrate dimensions listed on the product pages to make sure the firegrate of your choice will fit and indeed suit your fireplace opening. Note whether or not the back wall of your fireplace is straight. (Many older fireplace walls slant inward at a certain height. If your back wall slants, basket models with tall fire-backs can be a difficult fit.)
General Information
  • Our gas coal fires are only to be installed and used in a fully vented fireplace with a completely functional flue and chimney that is free of obstructions. The fireplace must be constructed of non-combustible materials and approved to burn wood.

  • Decorative Gas Coal fires work under the exact same principles as U.S. vented gas log sets. To operate this gas coal set the flue damper must be completely opened and locked.

  • Our fires must be installed in a fireplace with a minimum height of 20", and a minimum depth of 12". The opening should have a smooth and gently tapering gather connecting the fireplace recess with the flue, and termination should be high enough to be clear of any potential downdraught and wind pressure problems.

  • The flue size and height must be properly related to the size of the fireplace opening. For example, a big fireplace needs a tall wide flue. Our fires will normally require a chimney flue of at least 8" to clear its fumes. If in doubt please consult your supplier or local chimney professional. No open fire will draw successfully unless it is connected to a sound and correctly sized chimney. The chimney flue is the engine that drives and maintains the beauty of the fire. Our units, like any vented product, will only be successful inside functioning and properly designed fireplaces.

  • Homefires suggests having a certified chimney sweep clean and inspect the fireplace before installation and use.

  • Prior to installation, a smoke test should be performed using a smoke pellet. The pellet is ignited at the base of the flue in the fireplace opening. All the smoke created must be emitted at the termination of the flue without spillage from the fireplace opening or without leakage from the flue into other parts of the house. If spillage is taking place then either:

    1. The flue is partially blocked.

    2. The fireplace opening is too great for the height of the flue.

    3. The flue height is too narrow for the size of the opening.

  • Another way to test for spillage of fumes into the room is with a smoke match. The smoke match should be moved slowly along the top of the fireplace opening just inside the fireplace (while the unit is on). If smoke is drawn into the fireplace then the draft is correct. If smoke can be seen coming into the room the fireplace is spilling. This is very dangerous and to avoid having potentially dangerous fumes entering the living area, the appliance should be disconnected and the flue system corrected immediately.

  • Installation and all repairs must be performed by a licensed individual who is experienced in the installation, repair, and servicing of vented gas fires.

  • The customer is ultimately responsible for insuring that the fireplace is suitable for use with our products. Homefires accepts no responsibility or liability for incidental or consequential damages.
Custom Burner Requirements:

Custom burners are a great solution for your fireplace if you already own a decorative grate. We can make a manual burner tray to fit perfectly inside any basket-style grate. Since all of the coal pieces are loose all grates must have 4 sides to prevent the coals from spilling out. Our custom burners are made exactly the same way as the Homefires certified Manual burners; however, since they come in custom dimensions, they will not technically be covered under our U.S. testing agency certifications. This means that they may not meet code in your area, may not pass inspection in new construction, and may make it difficult to find someone to install them. It is impossible to customize your existing grate and still comply with mechanical codes. In order to convert your old existing fireplace into a decorative gas coal fire please fill out and return the custom burner order form.

Custom Burners can be made for natural gas only.

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