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The Tall Regency
This style is designed with simple lines, tall rounded legs, large finials and a curved back. It sits upright, is quite shallow, and its 18" width allows it to fit in narrow openings.

The long legs of the Tall Regency cause the burner to sit 9" off the floor, the highest of all our firebaskets. Additionally, the Tall Regency has a small fret in the front, making the control knob and pilot assembly more visible on this unit than any of our other models. For this reason, it is recommended that you use a manual type burner with this firebasket.


The Tall Regency - front view.


26" - Greatest Height
18" - Front Width
19" - Back Width
10" - Depth (front to back)


Firebasket Technical Illustration (pdf)
Natural Gas Installation Instructions (pdf)
Fireplace Measuring Chart (pdf)

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